The End of Cancer. DCA makes its world debut.

Canadian Researchers Find Long-Awaited Cure using “Dichloroacetate

By Prachi Kamble, Staff Writer

No hoaxes, no rumours, this is the real deal. Researchers at the University of Alberta’s Department of Medicine have discovered a simple and inexpensive drug that is proven to kill cancer cells.

This drug, dichloroacetate (DCA), changes the metabolism of cancer cells and causes them to age and die, a feat that is alien to cancer cells and stops them from otherwise destroying the human body.

Dr.Michelakis and his team at the University of Alberta have been heavily researching the effects of DCA on non-human models since 2007. The team published its findings in that year and since then has proceeded to prove the success of DCA on human cancer cell samples and recently on actual human subjects.

Michelakis’ project is in dire need of funding at this very crucial stage of the research, as the majority of the breakthrough has already been unearthed. Fine-tuning on the findings—such as making the drug safe on all human recipients, as well as scoring out the side effects of the drug—still needs to be done.

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