The New ‘Operation’ In The Silver Market

If there was one element of surprise in the latest take-down in the silver market by the bullion-banks it was that they dredged-up the corpse of Osama Bin Laden as another “tool” for their manipulation. Indeed, the most likely reason for the absurdity of “burying him at sea” was to make sure no one saw the body (skeleton?) – and the weeks or months (or years?) of decay while the U.S. government waited for the ideal propaganda window for the announcement.

It is clearly a sign of either the importance which the banksters place in capping the silver market or their vulnerability/desperation that the bankers (and the U.S. government which serves them) could not think of a better ‘use’ for Bin Laden’s corpse than to manipulate the silver market.

The fact that this ambush was launched at this particular time isn’t in any way surprising. Rather, it would have been an enormous surprise if they had not made such an attempt. The parameters are very straightforward. The $50/oz mark is the last “resistance” remaining in the silver market – the final ‘line in the sand’ to breach, to mark the defeat of the bullion-banks.

Of course $50/oz (the approximate “top” from the 1980 spike) is not really “resistance”. The $50-bill which purchased an ounce of silver in 1980 was worth well over double the anemic value of a $50 Bernanke-bill today. Thus, in real dollars (which is what we must use for markets to make sense), the current price-barrier is of little significance – other than the psychological significance of this large, round number.

Putting aside the actual parameters, in the phony world of the bankers’ fiat-paper,  the $50/oz mark is of enormous importance to them, because it is the last time that their manipulation operations will be aided by any technical “resistance”. The reason that this current attack is as extreme as the banksters could possibly conjure up is that they are desperate to create the appearance of a “crash” as silver approached the $50/oz mark.

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